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More maps from various collections, including my own. As on the previous page, I have made these files large enough to be readable, which means that some are very large. For those of you with dial-up connections, hold the cursor over the thumbnail to see the image size before attempting to download them.

My dream of creating a clickable map of the Philadelphia area, mentioned on the previous page, is slowly becomng a reality, due to the work of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia's "Philadelphia Architect and Buildings Survey" and the Philadelphia Geohistory Project. I will eventually add Web addresses for these to the LINKS section.

If you know of any other good links to high-resolution map files, especially of the Philadelphia area, please contact me.

Unless otherwise noted, maps are from the PWD Historical Collection.

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The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

Compiled by Adam Levine
Historical Consultant
Philadelphia Water Department
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ABOVE: Hydrographic Survey of the Schuylkill River, 1866. For text accompanying this map, click here.
LEFT, ABOVE: Detail of Mitchell Map of Philadelphia, 1877, showing Schuylkill River.
LEFT, BELOW: Detail of 1923 map of the Schuylkill River from its mouth to Fairmount. (NOAA Historical Map and Chart Collection. See my "LINKS" page for more information.)
BELOW: Detail of Scot and Allardice Map of Philadelphia, 1794, showing Minnow Run, a tributary that emptied into the Schuylkill River at about Arch Street.

ABOVE: John Hills map of Philadelphia, 1796. Note the shading that denotes the topography along the Schuylkill riverfront and elsewhere.

BELOW: Map of the drainage area of the Schuylkill River showing the location of pools and canals of the Schuylkill Navigation [Company]. May 1891.

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ABOVE LEFT: Schuylkill River watershed in 1904, with population by municipality.
ABOVE CENTER: Map illustrating the Battle of Germantown, 1777, drawn by Spencer Bonsall, 1877. Shows Wingohocking Creek and other topographic details. (Free Library of Philadelphia, Print and Picture Collection; also in Scharf & Westcott's History of Philadelphia (1884), volume 1, at page 354)
RIGHT: Section of 1840 map of Philadelphia printed in London by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. (Adam Levine)




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