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The following images, used to illustrate various Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News articles about sewer maintenance and inspections in Philadelphia, closely mirror the sewer-walk experience described in my article, Down Under! (see the link in the navigation bar at the the left).
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Thanks to PNI for allowing the use of these images here, and to Michael Panzer, PNI Library Supervisor, for helping me locate them.

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The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

Compiled by Adam Levine
Historical Consultant
Philadelphia Water Department
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Left: "Tough Jobs. Sewer worker Anthony Holston enters sewer at 2200 N. Gratz St. Fellow employees keep line on Anthony as he inspects the sewer. Dangers: sewer gas, rats, old iron ladders, cave-ins, infections..." 1990. Photograph by Sam Psoras, Daily News

Center: Norman Lofton enters manhole at Ditman and Sheffield, 1987. Photograph by Rick Bowmer, Daily News

Right: Joe Cerrone, Inspector, Industrial Waste Unit, PWD, enters storm drain to search for cource of oil spill, 1989. Photograph by Gerald S. Williams, Inquirer

Left: Sewer crawler Tom Cross, heading down the manhole at 26th and Grays Ferry, 1982.
Photograph by Sam Psoras, Daily News

Center: "General view of sewer looking up manhole as other Water Dept. personnel look down."
Photograph by Rick Bowmer, Daily News

Right: Inspector looking for problems in sewer. Photograph by Bob Laramie, Daily News

Left: "Sewer crawler Clarence Baskerville checks tunnel for leaks. He has faced the dangers of working in sewers for past three years." 1971. Photograph by Edward J. Freeman, Inquirer

Center and Right: "Norman Lofton inspects sewer at Ditman and Sheffield." 1987.
Photograph by Rick Bowmer, Daily News

"Manholes like this give
access to city's sewer
system." 1961. Inquirer Magazine

"Today" Magazine,
January 29, 1961


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